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About The ColLection

The Fabergé Heritage Collection (FHC) showcases a reasonably wide array of Fabergé’s creations from the days of Imperial Russia. Additionally, there is a 1984 wooden egg hand-turned by Theo Fabergé (1922-2007), a grandson of Peter Carl Fabergé. The FHC devised the concept for the present privately owned collection. The Council comprises Tatiana and Sarah Fabergé, both great granddaughters of Peter Carl Fabergé, and John Andrew, a long-standing friend of the family and a Fabergé aficionado. Sarah’s late father Theo has a memorial seat on the Council.


Key input to the formation of the Collection was provided by Alice Ilich, formerly head and director of the Russian Departments at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York and London. She is now an independent Russian art advisor and is an international authority on Fabergé.


The Collection is overseen by Dr Géza von Habsburg, the Fabergé company's Curatorial Director. He is author of numerous books on Fabergé and as well as lecturing internationally, has curated a number of important exhibitions globally, as well as authoring their catalogues. This includes the exhibit of the FHC at Harrods in 2014 and of course, its catalogue.

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