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Silver-Mounted Ceramic Cup
Rhodonite Elephant
Octagonal Agate Bonbonnière
Silver Egg Cups
Jewelled Silver Kovsh
Pair of Silver Candelabra
Enamelled Silver Vodka Cup
Reeded Gold Vesta Case
Jewelled Gold Cigarette Case
Imperial Cigarette Case
Ribbed Gold Cigar Case
Jewelled Gold Pill Box
Jewelled Gold Scent Bottle
Gold Vesta Case
Gold Card Case
Jewelled Gold Ladies' Wristwatch
Diamond-Set Gold Brooch
Lily of the Valley Brooch
Imperial Presentation Tie Pin
Russian Sapphire Brooch
Platinum & Diamond Egg Pendant
Emerald & Gold Egg Pendant
Gold & Silver Easter Egg Pendant
Jewelled Gold Egg Pendant
Enamelled Gold Lavalière
Jewelled Serpent Bracelet
Enamelled Gold Cuff Links
Commemorative Jewelled Brooch
Jewelled Platinum Pendant
Jewelled Tie Pin
Imperial Amethyst Brooch
Jewelled Brooch
Imperial Presentation Tie Pin
Diamond-Set Platinum Pendant
Sapphire & Gold Tie Pin
Birchwood Egg Pendant
Turquoise Hat Pin
Russian Enamelled Gold Tie Pin
Jewelled Gold Cufflinks
Enamellled Silver Brooch
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